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About Guernsey, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK)

After Jersey, Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands and boasts unspoilt beaches, a surprisingly warm climate, plenty of history, tax-free shopping and a vibrant nightlife.

What to do in Guernsey

Guernsey is only about 50 square miles (10 miles by five miles), making exploring the island by car very easy.

Most people visit Guernsey in the summer months when the climate is at its most sublime and the many golden beaches can be better appreciated. Apart from the numerous bays and coves, Guernsey is also well-known for its stately homes and gardens.

Tourist Attractions

Guernsey is the second biggest of the Channel Islands and is actually located closer to France than the shores of Great Britain. It measures approximately 10 miles long by five miles wide and has a good road system for its size. The beaches are its main draw in the summer, while several historic towns and villages have much to tell.

Away from the beaches, St Peter Port is the main focus of Guernsey for tourists, with excellent shopping and nightlife on offer. There are several museums and stately homes in the city, including the Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery and Hauteville House, of Victor Hugo fame. You can gain more information on these and the other attractions in city at the excellent tourist information centre.

Other attractions on the island include medieval turret castles, Neolithic burial mounds and the popular World War II bunkers. In addition, the 12th century Sausmarez Manor boasts an attractive park and gardens.

Tax-free shopping can be enjoyed in St Peter Port's many shops, while seafood lovers will find an excellent selection of restaurants serving delicious crab, lobster and scallops. There is a theatre in the city centre as well as many traditional pubs and trendy bars.

Guernsey Port

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